LubranoDr. Arcangelo Lubrano


Doctor Arcangelo Lubrano was born in Venezuela in 1950. Although his early childhood was spent in Italy, his family soon relocated to Caracas, where he began his elementary studies at the San Agustin School and La Salle La Colina School. In 1967 he received his high school diploma from the Aplicacion High School and was accepted in Jose Maria Vargas School of Medicine in the Central University of Venezuela. He obtained his degree in Medical Surgery in 1974.

His interest in human behavior drew him to psychiatry as a medical specialty. After four years of study in the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University in California, he finished his Master's Program and became a Distinguished Medical Instructor.

He began his career in private practice as well as his research in the interactional and family fields in Palo Alto, California in 1978. He became an Associate Member of the Mental Research Institute (M.R.I.), the most avant-garde institution in psychological research of the '70's, where he continued his training under the supervision of such famous authors as Milton Erickson, Irv Yalom, Paul Watzlawick and Mara Selvini.

Returning to Venezuela, he accepted the position of Director for the National Institute of Childhood Psychiatry, while simultaneously devoting a great deal of time teaching in the field of Systematic Family Therapy. His academic background at Stanford and the research experience gained at M.R.I. allowed for great versatility in his therapeutic practices. At this time, he began his research studies in Italy, France, the United States, India and Venezuela on the various dietary, environmental, psychological and spiritual factors that condition the change process in different social and family systems.

In the 80's, the pioneering groundswell of personal computer use drew him back to California, where he recognized the potential of the new technology in the areas of communication and dissemination of information. He applied his new-found knowledge to the interactive field, and with the help of journalist Rosa Haydee Sanchez, the results of 100 hours of television research culminated in the 1987 publication of a book on the history of electoral image and political strategy.

Returning to Venezuela in 1988, his passion for information systems gave birth to the first online community that same year, under the name of Caracas BBS. Later, he became a founding member of the American organization, Association of Online Professionals (AOP) and stimulated the creation of the Asociación Nacional Telemática, "Venezuela OnLine". His fascination with the online world is as considerable as his interest in the health and dietary fields.

In the early 90's he discovered the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine in Boston. He then began his studies in traditional Hindu medicine, and obtained his diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine given by The Open International University for Complementary Medicine de Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Among his teachers in the field were Pandit Vamadeva Shastri (David Frawley), Atreya Smith and Vasant Laad. He translated into Spanish The Ayurvedic Healing Course of David Frawley and teaches Glossary Link Ayurveda in Spain And Latin America. He currently divides his professional activities between New York and India. His medical practice encompasses psychiatry, Ayurvedic medicine and other alternative medicines.